Pinkalicious Series

First published in 2006, Pinkalicious quickly became a best-selling children’s book and was followed up with Purplicious in 2007, along with a musical stage show which is currently running in New York. The third book in the series, Goldilicious, was released last spring, and with more titles and licensed merchandise being released throughout 2010, we decided to take a look at the three initial books in the series.

The original title, Pinkalicious, is a whimsical and witty story about a little girl whose love of the color pink gets her in a bit of trouble after eating too many pink cupcakes. She awakens the next day to find herself all—you guessed it—PINK! The doctor’s diagnosis of “Pinkititis” would be cured after eating a substantial amount of green food, but Pinkalicious resists. After sneaking one more cupcake, she finds that she’s turned a deep shade of red and decides to heed the doctor’s advice and eat a hilariously gross amount of green food to return to her normal self.

Pinkalicious is loads of fun for parents and kids. (Boys will enjoy it, though may probably resist upon hearing the title.) The illustrations capture the delight and whimsy of a child who has become what she eats, along with the angst of her parents. The Kann sisters have a great sense of humor with many “pink” puns—pinkerbelle, pinkerella, pink-a-boo, etc. It’s a terrific read and kids younger than the publisher’s recommended 5 to 8 would enjoy it. A good addition to any bookshelf.

Purplicious, the follow-up, suggests more of the same playfulness of the original, however, we quickly get into a story about catty girls who inform Pinkalicious that pink is not cool. They continue to taunt her on the bus ride home and every day after that. A taste of the humor from the original briefly pops up, such as “Pink Passion Fruit Paradise” ice cream, and other tongue twisters, but that’s where it ends. When all Pinkalicious’ hope is lost, she meets a girl in art class who needs the color pink to make her painting of a blue cake turn purple. The two mix their colors and the result is “purplicious.” Unfortunately, it’s only the last page of the book where we even hear the word “purplicious,” putting the title in question for me. Sadly, the story falls flat and strays from the type of clever fantasy and humor featured in the Kanns’ first book.

In general, I’ve found that kids like this book, but some parents do not because of the girls’ and Pinkalicious’ “brattiness.” Yes, being comfortable with your likes and dislikes is an important parenting topic, but I found the tone a bit too fresh, especially for the 4-to-8 age group. Borrow it from the library before buying.

Goldilicious brings us back to the fantasy world of Pinkalicious, but this time, the title character is her imaginary pet unicorn. When Mom says it’s time to clean up, “Goldie” and Pinkalicious head outside. Despite the odd mention of Goldie pooping on the floor in the first pages, we gallop along nicely with Pinkalicious’ imagination from “pinkerrific” pirouettes to a backyard tea party. But then, the story takes off in many diverse scenarios such as wizards, pirates and mermaids, which are bizarre and disconnected. For example, Goldie ends up getting lost and Pinkalicious looks for her. But, would a young child have the intellect and vocabulary to ask “Have you become one with the universe?” And, why was she out searching for Goldie in the dark by herself?

Many young children have imaginary friends at one time or another. It’s a terrific theme for a book and a good discussion topic for parents and kids. But, the story would be much more fun if it was tighter and more focused. Disappointingly, it didn’t have any of the Kanns’ wit that was so enjoyable in Pinkalicious.

Having said that, it’s a book that kids will probably like because of the character and illustrations, but since parents may be left scratching their heads over the plot, check it out at your local library first.

Reading Time

At least three minutes for each

Read-It-Again Points

9 out of 10

Book Information

Pinkalicious (2006)
By: Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann, Illustrated By Victoria Kann
Read-It-Again Points: 9 out of 10

Purplicious (2007)
By: Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann, Illustrated By Victoria Kann
Read-It-Again Points: 6 out of 10

Goldilicious (2009)
Written and Illustrated By: Victoria Kann
Read-It-Again Points: 3 out of 10

Published by: Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Approximate retail price: $17.99 (hardcover)


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