Wake Up, It's Spring!

What It Is

A very sweet, simple story that celebrates how the Earth “wakes up” for spring. In an incredibly charming chain-reaction, the sun wakes the earth, which in turn, wakes an earthworm, and on it goes to a seed, then a ladybug, rabbit, bird, cat, dog, baby, brother and sister, and finally, the parents. The end has an exuberant celebration with all who “awoke” dancing together in the warm sun to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Why It’s Fun

For those of us who live in regions with long winters, we can’t wait until it’s time to read this book! And, it’s a great way to introduce very young children to all that spring brings and help them understand what they may be seeing outside. In fact, you may find eager young helpers in the garden after reading this book a few times.

The joint celebration of spring and recap of all who “awoke” at the book’s conclusion is marvelous. Be sure to pause for a few moments at the end to play a look-and-find game with younger tots (i.e., where’s the ladybug, rabbit, etc.) Though it’s a book about “waking up”, the soothing graphics and tone make it an excellent bedtime read.

Who’s Going To Love It

It really is a book for all ages, though once kids get past kindergarten or first grade, like many things, I’m afraid they’ll probably think they are too old for it. However, this is a book you will likely want to buy and hold onto because your children will want to pass it down to their children.

A great Easter basket stuffer or spring gift, the publisher’s recommended age is 3 to 8, but again, I’d stay on the 3 to 5 end.

Reading Time

Just a couple of minutes, but take extra time to enjoy the illustrations.

Read-It-Again Points

10 out of 10

Book Information

Wake Up, It’s Spring!
By: Lisa Campbell Ernst, author and illustrator (2004)
Published by: HarperCollins
Approximate retail price: $17.99 (hardcover)


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