Princess Pig

What It Is

A barnyard tale about “Pig” who wakes up to find that the wind has blown a “Princess” sash on top of her. So, she convinces herself, her animal friends and humans that she is indeed royalty. In the end, she realizes that she misses her friends and all the usual things she used to do as an ordinary pig, and rejoins her pals and their farm life.

Why It’s Fun

Who doesn’t love talking farm animals with personality? But, the illustrations are what’s really the most fun. Tim Bowers created wonderful expressions on all characters, and parents and kids will want to gaze at each page time and again. My favorite pages are “Princess Pickle” from the parade and the singing cow-rooster duet. (Adults may find the book to be a bit reminiscent of “Charlotte’s Web.”)

Who’s Going To Love It

A great story for ages 3 to 5, maybe 6. At first glance, you may think the book skews more to girls because of the “princess” theming, but the illustrations aren’t overly “girly” and young boys will enjoy the story. Plus, the message of self-acceptance is an important one for all. Eileen Spinelli works in a refreshing twist that it’s her friend who convinces “Pig” to like herself for who she is.

Reading Time

Less than five minutes.

Read-It-Again Points

9 out of 10

Book Information

Princess Pig
By: Eileen Spinelli; Illustrated by Tim Bowers (2009)
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House, Inc.
Approximate retail price: $16.99 (hardcover)


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