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My 7 year old daughter, 10 year old son and I recently traveled to New York City to meet with a cool toy company called Techno Source. Techno Source invited us to NYC to check out a new line of toys named Clickables Fairy Collections. After hearing about; these toys,; and seeing them in the early stages of planning and designing, we were naturally eager to see the finished products.

clickables-2First, a bit about the Clickables Fairy Collections Jewelry. This adorable toy jewelry with Y-shaped, Clickables sensors magically connects our daughter's offline imaginative fairy role play to the new Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world.

Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world lets our little girls experience the magic and wonder of Tinker Bell's world. In Pixie Hollow, girls create their own fairies who will live, play and interact with thousands of Fairies. With the help of the Clickables jewelry, our girls will make online Fairy friendships and add clothing, accessories and decor to their Fairies' online. They also will be able to play games offline to earn what are called Tink Points, which can be redeemed for butterfly friends that fly with their Fairy online.

clickables1Ok, so back to my daughter's impressions and reactions. When she was shown the Clickable's Jewelry she instantly ooooed and ahhhhhed and it was just a matter of seconds before she was wearing the charm bracelet. My daughter marveled at; the various beautiful fairy charms and instantly decided she would want to collect them all. Seeing the Clickables Jewelry was enough to make her whole trip to New York complete. But the demonstration didn't stop there.

Next my daughter was shown the Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world. She squirmed excitedly in her chair and instantly wanted to play. My daughter loves fairies. She and all of her girlfriends play fairies at school, read fairy books and even have fairy-themed birthday parties. It was amazing to watch the joy in her face as she created, named and designed her own fairy. Again, we could have stopped right there, and my daughter would have thought this was the greatest trip to New York ever. However, when she saw how she could share the elements of her world that she had created online by clicking; her Clickables Jewelry with a friend's, and understood that her friend could then take those elements and use them to enhance her online world, I saw a smile on her face that could have lit the sky!

clickable3The whole way home on the train my daughter talked and talked about the "magic" Clickables jewelry and the Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world. She excitedly proclaimed that she and all of her friends could collect and share the charms and build the most amazing fairies "EVER". My daughter has literally asked daily when she will get her first Clickable.

I have been using this to my advantage and reminding her that good grades on her homework and tests may help her earn Clickables when they are available. Is that wrong of me? I tell myself its not bribery; its positive reinforcement.

My ten-year-old son wasn't into the fairies but he loved the technology aspects of the demonstration and spoke about the endless possibilities for Clickables. He is hoping for a football version of Clickables.

While watching the demonstration, I was reminded of a couple of things my girlfriends and I traded with one another when we were young. I am about to go out on a limb and date myself but remember the pins on our jean jackets and the friendship pins that we made of safety pins and beads that we wore on our tennis shoes? I just remember the fun we had trading and sharing these fun pins and when I saw my daughter so excited and animated when she was talking about trading Clickables, I knew we had found the next hit!; It goes to show you that some types of play last the test of time.; Classic play patterns from banging a spoon on a pan, vroooming toy cars around the floor, playing house and jamming in a rock band are not just fun but also help a great deal with social development.; As our children grow what they have learned in classic play whether its creativity, how to nurture or a myriad of other skills, will translate into great life lessons.

The collections Clickables include: Clickables Fairy Charms Starter Set, Clickables Fairy Friendship Bracelet, Clickables Fairy Game, Clickables Fairy Charm Bracelet, and Clickables Fairy Charms Sets. The price of the Clickables Fairy Collections ranges from $5.99 to $29.99 and the items are recommended for children ages 7 and up.


What do you think about Clickables?

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